How to Make a Wedding Veil Look Thicker


You can make a wedding veil look thicker in a few different ways depending on your preferences. Find out how to make a wedding veil look thicker with help from an experienced bridal professional in this free video clip.

What Colors Are for a New Year's Eve Wedding?

New Year's Eve provides opportunity for plenty of blissful analogies for the bride and groom. New beginnings, celebrations, excitement and anticipation are integrated into weddings performed on this winter holiday. Because the date is celebrated in so many ways, your color options are virtually endless. Choose the color scheme that best fits your style and the atmosphere you're intent on creating. Formal Evening Affair An evening wedding is often the best time for a formal affair, for which black and silver work especially well.

How Can I Get a Stain Out of a Silk Taffeta Dress?

The exemplary fabric of wedding dresses from evening dress shop - willdresses and other formal affair, silk taffeta is very delicate and easily stained. Perfumes, deodorant, makeup and hairspray threaten the fabric with permanent damage. Once set, it's very difficult to remove. That's why it's critical to clean the stain as soon as possible. Even a day's delay is too long to let a stain remain on a taffeta dress.
Dry Cleaning

How to Design Your Own Bridal Gown Online

Your dream wedding dress does not have to be impossible to find if you already know what you want it to look like. Instead of spending hours in bridal boutiques with pushy sales clerks, you can design your wedding gown online, go to a tailor, and have the dress of your dreams made for you.
1. Sketch on paper some ideas for how you would like your willdresses.com dress to look. This will help prepare you for drawing the dress on a computer. Look through bridal magazines, stores, or go online to get inspiration.

How to Dress Professionally on a Budget

How to Dress Professionally on a Budget

The key to dressing professionally on a budget is to purchase versatile business basics, and mix and match a variety of garments. Build a professional wardrobe from a few basic pieces with advice from a fashion magazine editor-in-chief in this free video on personal style.

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