VetUSA Term Life Insurance

VetUSA Term Life Insurance

Save up to 70%and protect your family!

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VetUSA is proud to announce the VetUSA Term Life Insurance Program, brought to you by the American General Life Companies and Matrix Direct! Through this exciting new program, you may be able to save up to 70% on term life insurance and help protect your family's financial future.

Life Insurance Q&A

Sample Monthly Premium

10 year
10 year
Male $11.51 $16.54
Female $10.41 $14.79
Male $18.94 $31.85
Female $16.98 $27.91

Do I really need life insurance?

If you're like most people, you need life insurance. Should you die prematurely, the coverage provides your loved ones with money to keep life going smoothly. Life insurance money can make an important difference for your family. It can pay for ongoing expenses, such as housing, food and car payments. It can also cover large expenses, such as paying off a home or college tuition for your children.

What kind of life insurance is right for me?

The number one choice in life insurance is term life. It's affordable and practical because you only buy insurance for time period that you need it. Many parents buy term life insurance until their children graduate from college. For as little as a few cents per day, you can get hundreds of thousands of dollars in coverage. You choose the policy length, and the payoff amount, which can exceed $1 million! Another benefit is that your premium stays the same, even as you get older or if your health declines.

How much coverage do I need?

Most people base coverage on current income and expenses. To calculate the amount, try multiplying your income by the number of years you would like your family to have that income, and then add other debts and expenses. You might consider providing financial support until your children graduate from college or you pay off your mortgage on the family home.

Am I the only one who needs coverage?

It's smart to get life insurance for a spouse or life partner, even if he or she is not employed. Chances are this person contributes to the household in ways that could have a financial impact if they passed away. For example, would a premature death mean unexpected childcare expenses?

What term length makes sense?

In general, people choose longer terms to protect loved ones through income-earning years or while raising a family. This is when an unexpected death could create a devastating financial hardship. People typically choose shorter terms to add to their retirement support, pay off mortgages and debts, or to cover funeral expenses.

When should I get life insurance?

Waiting to purchase term life insurance is risky. An unexpected death is exactly that – unexpected. Are your loved ones protected? Also, rates go up as we age, and your health situation could change. These realities could make it more expensive and difficult to get coverage. Term life insurance rates are still one of the best insurance buys around. But like anything, they are subject to rate hikes. Don't wait and put your loved ones at risk, or find yourself paying more than you need to.

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