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1.    Are you a Veteran, a family member or a friend of a Vet?
       If so,do you know what your benefits are or what you and your
       family are entitled to?

2.    Are you and your family maximizing and using all the benefits
       you’ve earned (Federal & State)?

3.    Do you understand the government programs, what they cover
       and what you’re entitled to regarding:

a.     How your retirement works?

b.     How your family is protected?

c.     Understanding your healthcare/TriCare?

d.     How to plan for yours and your family’s education?

4.    Have you ever had a comprehensive review of your benefits?

5.    Have you received the help you need in finding and/or applying for a job?

6.    Do you own your own business or are you interested in starting your
       own business?

7.    Do you understand your disability benefits that may be available to you?

8.    Do you understand the advantages of having a SDVOSB/CVE status?

9.    Do you know what your VA/FHA benefits are?

10.   Do you understand all the spousal benefits and how they work?


Patriot Strategic Investments believe that its clients should have the power of choice. Our Strategic alliances allow our associates to represent some of the industry’s best products and service providers to meet today's challenging needs.

National VetRESOURCE Center Offices:
VetRESOURCE Center #111
1111 North Loop W., Suite 400
Houston, Texas 77008
855.690.5450 (toll free)
713.690.5458 (fax)


An important step in planning your financial future is protecting you,your family, and the life you’ve built.


We understand that your college financial needs are unique. Our personalized strategies can help utilize the right tools for the right purpose.



Patriot Strategic Investments is your retirement planning specialist. A variety of options are available. Whether you are a Veteran, Family or Friend, we can find solutions to help you achieve the Financial Dreams that are important to you and your family. We are proud to serve you!


Group Life Insurance, Group Disability, Deferred Compensation, Executive Bonus, Split Dollar, Key-Person Insurance, Buy-Sell Arrangements, Business Continuation Strategies, Qualified & Non-Qualifed Retirement Plans, etc. are available to provide business solutions.



Utilizing Active/Tactical Professional Money Managers in today’s ever-changing, volatile market is key to growing AND protecting your assets. Our strategic alliances with third-party money managers allows us to personally guide you to the best solutions in utilizing professional money managers to provide solutions regardless of market conditions.


The life savings that you build can be lost without the proper Estate Planning. Several options are available that provide solutions during your life & after your death including – Charitable Strategies, Charitable Remainder Trusts, Wealth Replacement Trusts, Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts, Wealth Transfer Strategies, etc.

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