Raising Veteran Awareness Cycling Duo to cross US

Jeremy Staat and Wesley Barrientos are going to cycle across the US to raise awareness and educate young people about veterans and their sacrifices. But these two are no ordinary people Jeremy Staat is an x NFl and Arizona state lineman who also was a teamate of former NFL player and fallen US army soldier Pat Tillman. Wesley Barrientos is a US Army Iraqi war veteran and double amputee. Barrientos seved 3 tours in iraq in 05-06-07 the last resulting in the loss of his legs due to improvised explosive device. These two great people are doing this for the Jeremy Staat foundation. It will start Feb 19 at The Wall of Valor Bakersfield CA and end Memorial Day at Vietnam Vet Memorial Washington DC. If these two guys can make such a sacrifice and difference we all need to think of how we can raise awareness and help out our fellow veteran community. Remember it only takes one person for an idea and a community and brotherhood to help support and grow it. To read more on theses two veterans you can go to Veterans United Network. Our salute goes out to these honorable men.



awsome story

thats awsome!



Hey, we need to recruit people to our site here so they can be inspired to do more...especially the younger veterans :>)

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