First Parade for Iraq War Vets

Our hats off to St. Louis.This last weekend several hundred vets many in camo, walked alongside military vehicles, marching bands and budweiser clydesdales as the crowd cheered our troops. Since the war ended little fanfare has been done for these vets aside of airports and military bases. Two friends from St. Louis launched a facebook page and worked with the mayor in a grass roots effort that raised $35,000 half of that came from Anheuser-Busch and the Mayflower company. Great job to this town and group of people and businesses. We need more of this around the nation. Just a small thank you for their service and dedication to honor our soldiers who proudly serve our country and to remember those brave men and women who did not make it home but gave their lives for our nation. To all of you and the families behind them we here at VetUSA thank you. It always amazes me what people can do when they are dedicated to a cause we need more of this in our country.

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