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How to Make a Jacket Smaller

Whether it's a vintage find from a thrift store that wasn't your size or you have recently lost weight, you may find yourself needing to take in a favorite motorcycle clothing belstaff to make it fit. A tailor can complete this alteration for a price, but the actual procedure is easy enough for a beginning sewer. Practice on inexpensive oversized jackets or thrift store finds before altering higher-quality jackets, so you can learn in case something goes wrong.
Altering the Body

How to Make a Large Leather Jacket Smaller

A leather belstaff motorcycle jacket is one of your best protections against the elements, as it creates a strong shield from chilling winds. However, if your leather jacket is too big, it can't insulate your body properly as well as creates a baggy silhouette on your body. While some say it's impossible to shrink leather evenly without ruining it, this is simply not the case. You can shrink leather one size smaller if you approach the project carefully and strategically.

How to Make a Book Jacket For a Book Report

How to Make a Book Jacket For a Book Report
Book-jacket book reports are a creative way to represent a story you read. They are also a good way to give others an overview of the book, as well as show what you learned from it.
How to Fold a belstaff motorcycle jacket For a Book Report

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