Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to matching bridesmaid shoes with bridesmaid dresses.

When most brides think about their bridal party, they probably picture their bridesmaids and maid of honour in matching dresses and shoes. While you want your bridal party to look great at the wedding, the last thing you want is for your guests to be distracted (in a bad way) by the fact that your bridal party's shoes and dresses are clashing. Although bridesmaid shoes and dresses always matched perfectly in the past, in recent times, styles have become more relaxed, and you can be more flexible when it comes to matching dresses and shoes. Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to matching bridesmaid shoes with . When your bridesmaid's dresses and shoes are all matching, your wedding pictures will look better because when you look at them, you will remember the day, and not the fact the bridesmaids weren't coordinated. If you decide that the bridesmaid dresses and shoes should be an exact match, there are many different styles of diable shoes that can be dyed to match the dresses perfectly. As a fun activity, you and your bridesmaids could get together and dye them yourselves. However, it is probably a good idea to test one shoe and see if turns out correctly. If it doesn't, or if the process is too complicated, it may be best to hire someone to dye the shoes. You don't want to add an extra level of stress to the wedding preparations, so it may be a good idea to surrender if necessary. Many brides don't care if their bridesmaids wear perfectly matching shoes as long as they are wearing coordinated shoes. You can always choose a neutral shade that will match just about anything, and this saves everyone time and stress. Although most brides like to convince their bridesmaids that their dresses can be shortened and worn again, we all know that isn't really true. However, if you allow your bridesmaids to wear, neutral, practical shoes, it will give them the opportunity to wear their shoes with other outfits. Keep in mind that everyone's feet are different and many people cannot wear uncomfortable shoes for an extended period of time. So, if you force your bridesmaids to wear 6 inch stilettos, it is very unlikely that they will keep their shoes on for the duration of the wedding reception. Just as everyone's feet are different, it is unlikely that all of your bridesmaids will have the exact same body type, for this reason it can be a good idea to allow your bridesmaid to choose different styles of dresses that flatter their individual figures. When you take the time to oversee the dresses and shoes that your bridesmaids choose, they will feel confident that they will be coordinating with the other members of the wedding party. If there are members of your wedding party who aren't incredibly fashion forward, when you make the choice simple for them, they will have confidence that they won't be in danger of standing out in an unflattering way. 

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